October 2015 Karate Belt Promotion

Back row – Gennavive Meisel-brown belt with 2 stripes,
Wesley Rybarczyk-green belt with brown stripe, Kayla Pierquet-green belt with brown stripe, Michael Hobler-blue belt, Ophelia Swallen-yellow belt, Damian Wepking-yellow belt
Front row – Ayden Busjahn-orange belt, Lee Benson-orange belt, Nolan Tessman-blue belt, Kadon Bruch-green belt with brown stripe, Kolbe Rognrud-yellow belt (not pictured)


September 2015 Karate Belt Promotion

First Degree Black Belt Promotion
Back row – Aaron Kamla, Nick Warming, Eli Culbertson,
Amy Pierquet, John Thuesen, Al Victors, Manuel Mendoza,
Teresa Mendoza
Front row- Jayna Mendoza, Nyah Culbertson, Willem Pointon,
Rhyan Cahill, Allison Ahrensmeyer, Lexi Cook, Ethan Radcliff,
Jadon Bruch
Congratulations, Black Belts!

Back row – Micah McReynolds-blue belt, Aria Rybarczyk-purple belt,
Hunter Mitchell-purple belt, Russel Rago-yellow belt, Aleksandar Bjelich-green belt,
Taryn Smith-blue belt, Ethan Shrake-green belt with brown stripe,
Grayson Lutz-green belt with brown stripe
Front row – Ayden Busjahn-yellow belt, Blake Smith-blue belt,
Vlora Cobaj-brown belt with 2 stripes, Isabella Spurlock-brown belt with 2 stripes,
Kyle Smith-blue belt, Lillian Rogers-purple belt, Lee Benson-yellow belt,
Jessica Rogers-orange belt


July 2015 Karate Belt Promotion

Back row – Aria Rybarczyk-orange belt, Wesley Rybarczyk-green belt,
Lexi Cook-brown belt with 3 stripes, Allison Ahrensmeyer-brown belt with 3 stripes,
Dakota Pierquet-green belt
1st row – Cody Passehl-green belt, Jayna Mendoza-brown belt with 3 stripes,
Aneliese Bruch-yellow belt, Jessica Rogers-yellow belt

Teresa Mendoza-brown belt with 3 stripes, Amy Pierquet-brown belt with 3 stripes,
Eric Anderson-brown belt, David Meier-orange belt, Matt Passehl-blue belt with green stripe, Patty Passehl-yellow belt




May 2015 Karate Belt Promotion

Back row – Teagan Morris-orange belt, Max Thome-brown belt,
Willem Pointon-brown belt with 3 stripes, Lillian Rogers-yellow belt,
Arika Hutchinson-yellow belt
1st row – Nicholas Guerra-yellow belt, Jayna Mendoza brown belt with 2 stripes,
Logan Morris-orange belt




February 2015 Karate Belt Promotion

February 2015 Elite Karate Testing

Back row – Damiam Funmaker-blue belt, Logan Smith-brown belt,
Allison Ahrensmeyer-brown belt 2 stripes, Wesley Rybarczyk-blue belt,
John Beaudin-blue belt, Grayson Lutz-brown belt
2nd row – Nyla Kearns-purple belt, Galen Kearns-purple belt, Gennavive Meisel-brown belt, Nyah Culbertson-brown belt 3 stripes, Isabella Spurlock-brown belt, Vlora Cobaj-brown belt, Taryn Smith-yellow belt
1st row – Kadon Bruch-blue belt with green stripe,
Karsen Fitzpatrick-blue belt with green stripe, Forster Paget-yellow belt,
Genevieve Thomas-yellow belt, Blake Smith-yellow belt, Kyle Smith-yellow belt,
Solei Paget-yellow belt, (not pictured)Micah McReynolds-yellow belt

February 2015 Elite Karate Testing

Back row – Al Victors-brown belt 2 stripes, John Thuesen-brown belt 3 stripes,
Evan Lee-brown belt, Eli Culbertson-brown belt
Front row – Joe Perushek-orange belt, Jerry Leis-orange belt, Shannon Shepherd-blue belt, Jasmine Schilling-purple belt




November 2014 Senior Black Belt Promotion

Master Black Belt Instructor Matthew Schmidtke of the Elite Self Defense Centers was honored with a promotion to 7th degree black belt on November 14th, 2014. This is a very noteworthy accomplishment since he is now among the four highest black belt ranks in all martial arts disciplines, 10th degree being the highest. In addition to this promotion he was also awarded Kadua Guro Instructor certification in the Inayan System of Eskrima. Master Schmidtke’s diligent study of the martial arts and his superb teaching ability enabled him to acquire all necessary physical skills and knowledge necessary for these highly coveted martial arts ranks. May he wear them with pride and distinction. The awards were presented by Grand Master Tom Lopez and Grand Master Jason Inay. Both 10th Degree Black Belts and inducted members in numerous Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Congratulations Matt!
November 2014 Elite Senior Karate Testing




November 2014 Karate Belt Promotions

November 2014 Elite Karate Testing

Back row – David Heller-green belt, Kai Shepherd-green with brown stripe belt,
Rhyan Cahill-brown belt with 2 stripes, Aleksandar Bjelich-orange belt,
Maja Bjelich-orange belt, Tory Jax-green belt, Kayla Pierquet-blue belt with green stripe
1st row – Zander Knott-purple belt, Jayna Mendoza-brown belt, Iya Blackwell-yellow belt,
Henry Watson-green belt, Abigail Spurlock-orange belt, Trae Metcalf-green belt,
Landon Elmer-yellow belt, Logan Elmer-yellow belt

November 2014 Elite Karate Testing

Manuel Mendoza-brown belt, Amy Pierquet-brown belt, Jason Bruch-orange belt, Nanette Bruch-orange belt, Matthew Leitner-orange belt, Matthew Stabnow-yellow belt




September 2014 Black Belt Promotion

September 2014 Elite Karate Testing

Back row – John Ewing-1st Degree Black Belt,
Alyssa Hellesen-1st Degree Black Belt,
Colin Fitzpatrick-2nd Degree Black Belt,
Emily Forbush-2nd Degree Black Belt,
Linda Lopez-1st Degree Black Belt
Front row- Brendan Fitzpatrick-2nd Degree Black Belt,
Jennifer Yount- 1st Degree Black Belt,
Shilo Kearns- 2nd Degree Black Belt,
Jasmine Shepherd-1st Degree Black Belt,
Congratulations, Black Belts!




August 2014 Karate Belt Promotions

August 2014 Elite Karate Testing

Back row – Jadon Bruch-green belt, Damiam Funmaker-purple belt, Ethan Radcliff-brown belt, Logan Smith-green belt with brown stripe, Isabella Spurlock-green belt with green stripe, Kendra Seering-blue belt with green stripe
1st row – Zander Knott-yellow belt, Nyah Culbertson-brown belt with two stripes,
Gennavive Meisel-green belt with brown stripe, Vlora Cobaj-green belt with brown stripe

August 2014 Elite Karate Testing

Back row – Eric Anderson-green belt, John Ewing-brown belt with three stripes,
Heather Cook-yellow belt
1st row – Alyssa Hellesen-brown belt with three stripes,
Amy Pierquet-green belt with brown stripe, Eli Culbertson-green belt




Baraboo Inayan Seminar
Flexible Weapons and Double Stick Close Quarters Combat
March 20, 2014




January 2014 Karate Belt Promotion




December 2013 Karate Belt Promotions

Back row – Willem Pointon-brown belt, Lauren Lischefski-orange belt,
Lexi Cook-brown belt, Elora Doxtater-orange belt, Nicholas Warming-brown belt,
Christopher Crom-blue belt with green stripe,
Samantha Crom-blue belt with green stripe, Laurence Acevedo-yellow belt
Front row – Gennavive Meisel-green belt, Max Thome-green belt,
Will Tobin-green belt, Vlora Cobaj-green belt, Ethan Shrake-blue belt,
Kai Sheperd-green belt, Riley Brandsma-purple belt


Nolan Tessman-white belt with yellow stripe
Kadon Bruch-white belt with purple stripe
Brody Bjorklund-white belt with purple stripe
Beau Wild-white belt with blue stripe
Karsen Fitzpatrick-white belt with green stripe




September 2013 Karate Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the Black Belts Promoted September 14, 2013
Back row – Corin Ewing: 1st Degree Black Belt, Nikita Conway: 2nd Degree Black Belt, Josh Mendoza: 2nd Degree Black Belt, Ezra Kearns: 2nd Degree Black Belt, Jared Rosen: 1st Degree Black Belt
Middle row – Ashley Cornwell: 1st Degree Black Belt, Elizabeth Engevold: 1st Degree Black Belt, Tavin Yount: 1st Degree Black Belt
Front row – Tim Greenway: 3rd Degree Black Belt, Alex Moy: 3rd Degree Black Belt, Rhea Ewing: 2nd Degree Black Belt

Karsen Fitzpatrick-white belt with blue stripe
Beau Wild-white belt with purple stripe




August 2013 Karate Belt Promotions

Back row – Corin Ewing -brown belt with 3 stripes, Jared Rosen-brown belt with 3 stripes,
John Thuesen-blue belt, Al Victors-green belt
Front row – Jennifer Yount-brown belt, Elizabeth Engevold-brown belt with 3 stripes

Sabrina Hartmann-orange belt, Isabella Spurlock-blue belt with green stripe,
Eli Culbertson-yellow belt, Aidan Shulka-purple belt, Hunter Thomsen-purple belt




July 2013 Karate Belt Promotions




May 2013 Karate Belt Promotions




April 2013 Karate Belt Promotions

Congrats to the Black Belts that were promoted to a new Kadena De Mano level.


Congratulations to the kids who were promoted with new belts.  Great job!


Congrats to the Little Ninjas on their promotion for new belts!