Meet Our Instructors

The instructors are carefully selected and take seriously their responsibility as role models for each student, by teaching the importance of strong character, leadership and good values.

They understand that each student’s individual progress should be the main focus of their attention. That’s why our instructors continue to be students themselves. They take classes, attend seminars and continually work to improve their ability to help our students reach their goals.

By doing this, they are able to teach our students how to be better leaders, great teachers, and to help others achieve these qualities.

As professional martial arts instructors we feel that it is our duty not only to help our students develop self defense skills, but also to provide a complete program of personal development to enhance the student’s quality of life.

Grand Master Manong Tom Lopez, PhD. MA

10th Degree Black Belt, Inayan Sursuro

Grand Master, Head Instructor, Owner

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Master Matt Schmidtke

8th Degree Black Belt, Inayan Guro

Master/Head Instructor

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Master Steve Anderson

5th Degree Black Belt

Master Instructor

Master Tim Greenway

5th Degree Black Belt

Master Instructor

Brandon Stebbins

4th Degree Black Belt


Lynz Parks

1st Degree Black Belt

Little Ninja Instructor