About Us

Our goal is to build stronger communities by providing every man, woman and child the highest quality of Martial Arts available and strengthen their character by nurturing and enhancing their ability to show Respect, Self Control, and Self Discipline. This will empower them to live a richer, more rewarding and meaningful life.

We believe that tradition and new ideas don’t have to be in conflict with one another. It is possible to have respect for tradition and an eye toward the future at the same time. The fact that you are reading this means that you have taken a step in a direction that has changed the lives (for the better) of millions of people.

A step that we know can change your life for the better too!

Martial Arts Styles:

Inayan System Of Eskrima:

The Inayan system of Eskrima was developed by GrandMaster Mike Inay. The system encompasses more than one style of Eskrima arts. It has at its core of fighting styles, three of the most formidable styles in the Philippine Martial Arts, Serrada, Larga Mano, and Kadena De Mano. The primary weapon used is a “Stick”. The stick when used properly can be a devastating weapon and also acts as a training tool for bladed weapons. It is one of the most forgiving weapons that are practiced in the Filipino Martial Arts. Essentially all of the techniques can be translated to either hand-to-hand or edged weapons applications.

Shaolin Kempo Karate:

Shaolin is renowned for its awesome devastating kicking and punching techniques. It incorporates the movements of the five animals: Tiger, Crane, Dragon, Snake, and Leopard. Shaolin theory of fighting is based on circular movements, speed, conditioning, and developing strong internal energy, tendons, and ligaments. Karate in this style is simple and quick to both learn and execute. Karate uses linear and angular movements with quick shuffles and in line fighting techniques. The strikes and kicks are very precise and very explosive concentrating more on the external energy with few moves required to overcome the attacker.


Kobudo (ancient weapons arts) were developed by the people of Okinawa some 400 years ago. When the ruling authorities ordered that “all weapons” be turned over to the authorities the Okinawans went to great lengths to deceive and/or hide the weapons they needed to fight their oppressors. Thus, weapons were called “farm implements,” and the underground fighters trained in the use and proficiency of these tools. In this style our focus is on the Bo Staff, Sai, Tonfa, Kamas, Nunchaku, and Eiku Bo.